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photograph of a family reading a book

Welcome to aims to restore good reading to every Christian.

We cannot read all the good books, but we must read some of the best.

25 Books every Christian should read

Increase your knowledge and understanding on the many different topics that God has so clearly spoken on. Some of the titles in the top-25 can be read in one sitting, while others might need a lifetime to finish. At the very least, start somewhere on this list, and may the Lord use it to grow in knowledge and spiritual usefulness.

trustworthy books in the Zulu language

Since we are situated in KwaZulu-Natal province, and knowing those who are actively involved in translating good books into the Zulu language, we offer this list as a starting point for good, affordable, and obtainable books for Zulu readers.

more books to read

This list is like a bit of an “extra” offering to you. These are either books that we were able to get a good deal on, or books that ought to be more commonly available even though they cannot all be in the top-25. Read the top-25 so you know something about everything, but browse through these if there is something in particular that you want to learn more about.